Thursday, 18 August 2011

OnLive games coming to retail, TV firms seek bundle deals

OnLive PlayPass Codes to Be Included with Disc Sales – PC, Xbox 360 & PS3?

Imagine purchasing a game for the Xbox 360 in the near future, to find out that the game also includes a code to play that same title on OnLive’s cloud video game service, free of charge.

According to OnLive Founder and CEO Steve Perlman, this could be a reality soon.

“OnLive's Publishing Partners know that that means their customers can play wherever they are and have a new level of convenience,” explained Perlman.

When a gamer buys a game, no matter what system it is for; whether it is Xbox 360, Playstation 3, or a PC, they are limited to playing it at home on their console or PC. However, some of OnLive’s publishing partners have plans to change this. By teaming with OnLive, and providing redemption codes for a full PlayPass to the same game on the OnLive service, gamers will now be able to take their games with them, no matter where they go. OnLive is set to release on Android tablets, the iPad, set-top boxes, Blu-Ray players, and HDTV’s sometime this year.
Imagine buying a game for any system, and being able to play it on your iPad, or on your Blu-Ray player, or simply on a low end PC that normally wouldn’t be able to play the disc version of the game. This is a reality with OnLive.

While, no date has been set, as to when we could begin seeing OnLive’s partners packaging codes with disc purchases, it is certainly something that won’t take a lot of work. As long as the same title is available for OnLive, it’s as easy as just assigning redemption codes to each disc purchase.

As for how the business model would work, we can’t be sure. Our guess is that the publishers would pay OnLive in order to give away these redemption codes. However, at the same time, this would easily bring more people to OnLive’s service. It appears to be a win-win situation for all involved, except perhaps console makers. OnLive has many publishing partners, that range from THQ, to Warner Brothers Interactive, and Disney. As to which partners would be interested in running a promotion like this, is still up in the air.

In addition, big electronics brands are keen to bundle OnLive in their products to help it find traction in UK living rooms. Perlman revealed that manufacturers of Blu-ray players initially are keen to get involved.

“They see OnLive in a similar way to LoveFilm, only without the physical media element,” he said. “It’s an extra service to offer.”

He expects consumer products with built in OnLive capability to be in UK stores pre-Christmas – and if not then very soon afterwards.

OnLive will launch in the UK on September 22nd.

SOURCES: OnLiveFans and MCV.


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