Friday, 26 August 2011

OnLive Gamers: Deux Ex Developers Will Be Awarding Prizes to Players on August 30

One unique thing that OnLive brings to the video game industry, besides putting fear into ‘competitor’ GameStop, is the ability to hold live video spectating events. On Tuesday, August 30, between the hours of 6-9 PM (ET), OnLive and the Eidos Montreal developer team, that created Deus Ex: Human Revolution will be giving away many prizes.

The Deus Ex developers will be spectating gamers as they try and compete for prizes that include: t-shirts, messenger bags, signed posters, a trip to Montreal, and more.

OnLive is the only gaming system that allows people to spectate while others play. The developers of Deus Ex: Human Revolution will be doing just this, spectating. Imagine having the creators of the game watching as you show off your skills and talents. This is very much a reality with OnLive.

According to OnLive here is how you can win prizes from this event:

1. Make sure you set your permissions to allow spectators to chat with you. For instructions on how to set these permissions, read the “How do I control whether spectators can chat with me while I’m playing?” section of this knowledgebase article. The Deus Ex: Human Revolution developers will be contacting players by voice chat, so make sure you can hear ‘em!

2. Play Deus Ex: Human Revolution on Aug. 30 during the hours of 6-9 PM (ET). The Eidos-Montreal Deus Ex team will be using Player Tags EMdev1, EMdev2, EMdev3, and they’ll be watching for gameplay greatness worthy of prizes. Make sure to add them as friends so as that improves your chance of being spectated.

Here are the awards that will be given out:
  • Stealth Award (Best use of stealth)
  • Non-violence Award (best use of social enhancements)
  • Most “Aggro” Award (best use of violence and aggression)
  • Hackiest Hacker Award (best at the Hacking mini-game)
  • Secret Path Award (best use of an alternate path)
  • Ouch Award (most painful death)
SOURCE: OnLiveFans.

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