Wednesday, 3 August 2011

OnLive Fans Introduces FraggedNation Partnership – Homefront Tournament Live

The community at OnLiveFans can boast of some of the best Homefront players around. Just recently during a Homefront event, sponsored by OnLive and THQ, several of their members were bathed in prizes. The elite players were given swag galore, along with the bragging rights of being best on the OnLive service.

Now it is time to move on to the next challenge. Now comes the part where players’ true skills will be tested. Are the players at OnLiveFans the best out there, or are there others players waiting to take the title of “best resistance fighter”? To determine this, OnLiveFans has partnered up with FraggedNation to begin several tournaments. The first tournament begins August 6 and the sign-up is NOW. To sign-up and see the details of this tournament (including prizes), point your browser here: Fragged Nation OnLive Homefront Tournament.

For those not yet a part of FraggedNation, there is a great blog explaining a bit of their history. The site is built for a solid ladder/tournament experience. When combined with the power of OnLive’s arena spectating and brag clip ability, the perfect blend of tournament play is at hand. The Homefront tournament will not be the only multiplayer action happening at FraggedNation either. As more events pop up, OnLiveFans will be sure to bring the latest announcements.

FraggedNation may have gotten its start with PC gaming, but features a tournament rich site for all gaming platforms, including consoles. By hosting OnLive mutliplayer games, FraggedNation is giving many players the chance to participate in tournaments that they would normally not be able to play in. Technically, players can compete without making any further investment into their gaming system. With OnLive being playable on nearly any PC or Mac, and with Homefront having unlimited free 30 minute trials, there is no reason for someone not to participate in this tournament. Sign-up now and get ready to game.

You can join the discussion about the upcoming tournament and partnership with FraggedNation at the OnLiveFans forum.

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.

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