Tuesday, 30 August 2011

OnLive Adds 4 New Games: Divinity II, Alpha Prime and More

Tremendous Tuesday is here once again. OnLive has released 4 new games to their cloud gaming service this week. Three of the games were added to the $9.99/month unlimited play PlayPack. There are now 87 titles included in the PlayPack, with several new ones being added on a weekly basis. The PlayPack also entitles gamers to 30% off any other OnLive games/items they purchase on the service.

The three PlayPack additions were: Alpha Prime, Build It! – Miami Beach Resort, and Grotesque Tactics. The other game added to OnLive as a stand-alone PlayPass title was Divinity II The Dragon Knight Saga. It can be purchased for $39.99, or $27.99 for PlayPack subscribers.


Divinity II The Dragon Knight Saga is a game from Larian Studios. This game may have made it to OnLive by one fan’s efforts to contact Larian Studios and request it. The Dragon Knight Saga includes both the complete and re-mastered adventure Ego Draconis, as well as the newer adventure, Flames of Vengeance. It is a single player role-playing game that can be played with a keyboard and mouse combination. The game is much improved over Divinity II: Ego Draconis, which was released back in early 2010 for PC and Xbox 360. This game is sure to keep you busy, as it includes over 100 hours of gameplay and over 180 different quests.

You can play the free demo of Divinity II The Dragon Knight Saga powered by OnLive.


Alpha Prime is a game that comes to OnLive from publishers Meridian4 Games, and IDEA Games; both newcomers to the service. It is a first-person shooter that was released for the PC in 2007. Players play as Arnold Weiss, the games protagonist who ends up landing on an asteroid called Alpha Prime. There, he must fight against robots and miners, while trying to survive and get back home. It features 10 missions, and 14 different types of enemies. Alpha Prime is a single player game that can be played using a keyboard and mouse combination.

You can play the free demo of Alpha Prime powered by OnLive.


Build It! – Miami Beach Resort is a game that reminds us a lot of Sim City. It takes place in early 1920s on Miami Beach, before it had become a large tourist resort. Your job is to build up the town, attract tourism, add hotels, diners, etc. It’s a casual game that can be a lot of fun, and time consuming. It comes to OnLive from developer Cerasus Media, and is a single player game. Gamers can use a keyboard and mouse combination to play this new PlayPack title. This is a game that can be fun for people of all ages.

You can play the free demo of Build It! – Miami Beach Resort powered by OnLive.


Grotesque Tactics is a game from publisher Headup Games. Headup Games has also helped bring Gear Grinder, Greed Black Border, Power of Defense, Twin Sector, and Trapped Dead to OnLive. It was developed by Silent Dreams, and is a single player RPG / Strategy game. The game puts you in control of Drake, a young recruit who recently failed his military academy exam. Your job is to defeat the evil “Dark Church” who has taken over your proud kingdom of Glory. While Grotesque Tactics only has a metascore of 65, it is still a fun game, that can be quite addicting to play. Grotesque Tactics is a single player game that can be played using a keyboard and mouse combination.

You can play the free demo of Grotesque Tactics powered by OnLive.

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.

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