Thursday, 25 August 2011

OnLive Achievements Can Now be Shared to Facebook – Could YouTube and Twitter Integration Come Soon?

OnLive announced yesterday that they have integrated Facebook sharing of Achievements and Achievement Brag Clips. This is something that will continue to move OnLive into the social gaming world.

Previously there has been the ability to post OnLive Brag Clips to your Facebook profile, once your OnLive account has been configured to do so. This allowed gamers to show all their friends 10-second Brag Clips that they had recorded. Now with the integration of Achievements into Facebook, gamers can share their gaming skills with their friends as well. On top of this, if the specific games have Achievement Brag Clips configured for them, a 10-second brag clip of the Achievement can also be shared to Facebook.

While 10-second brag clips are not all that long in length, they can usually be efficient in recording both Achievements, as well as gamers’ unbelieveable skills. However, we asked OnLive Founder and CEO Steve Perlman about the possibility of having extended Brag Clips, that can be longer than 10-seconds in length.

“I think we have some other cool features, that I’m not going to say, that I think you are going to enjoy more, before we get there (allowing longer brag clips),” responded Perlman. “Again, [longer brag clips] are part of the triage list of things that we could do theoretically, but with the resources we have, we think that there are other things that people would want more.”

It appears as though OnLive will eventually extend the brag clip time limit, but not until they can get other important features integrated into the cloud gaming service. Some of these will be “cool features” that we are going to “really enjoy”. What will they be? We will have to wait to find out.

While Facebook integration has been key to helping spread the word of OnLive to the masses, many gamers have been requesting that OnLive also integrate itself into other social services such as Twitter and YouTube. We also asked Perlman about this possibility.

“We will be getting into these other social services,” said Perlman. “We don’t have any agenda not to. We will be doing those (other social services), we’d love to do those. You notice that when you do the feed post, it gives you two choices; either OnLive or Facebook for posting Brag Clips. There will be more choices. Again, we haven’t had a chance to implement all those things yet.”

So, while we can probably expect to see further social integration with services such as Twitter, YouTube, and even Google Plus in the future, there is no timetable for when the integration will take place. OnLive has a lot of bigger things on their horizon, including European expansion and Tablet integration.

SOURCES: OnLiveFans, Cloudiem.

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