Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Let the Human Revolution Begin: More Details Emerge on Deus Ex

Still three weeks away from release, and the good news surrounding Square Enix and Eidos Montreal’s next masterpiece RPG, are beginning to filter in.

First up is a bit of community feedback from the developers at Eidos Montreal. According to recent blog posts on the developers forums, Eidos Montreal has been listening to the community, and have added in a couple of last minute additional features to the game, prior to it going gold in a couple of weeks. The first of the two new features, is the ability to switch off the in-game’s augmented reality HUD. Many gamers in the community were feeling these aspects of the game could potentially make it too easy. As a result of community feedback, Eidos Montreal now includes them as optional, which can be switched off, or on at any point via the options menu.

The second new feature added to Human Revolution; one that is bound to have a major impact for OnLive users directly, is FOV (field of view) options in the PC version. The problem springs from the fact that most PC gamers tend to sit closer to their monitors than their console counterparts. As a result, traditionally most PC games have a 90 degree field of view, while their console counterparts have only a 65 degree field of view. Unfortunately, with the modern game industry being more console-centric, many cross-platform games are getting the reduced 65 degree FOV, even on their PC versions. This is a situation, that in some cases, is literally causing PC gamers to become physically ill during play. Hearing the community speak out, Eidos Montreal has made the last minute adjustments to Deus Ex: Human Revolution, to allow PC gamers the option to choose their own FOV. For OnLive users in particular, this is spectacular news. OnLive users have the option of playing the game up close and personal on their computers, or more laid back on their televisions (not to mention, soon even on their mobiles). The ability to change the FOV on the PC version, is definitely a major plus for the OnLive community, even if it was not specifically added just for us. This should make the transition from gaming on one device to another, a whole lot easier for OnLive users. Also, just like aiming assist (another option found in Human Revolution), let us hope that a lot more developers in the future add FOV options to their PC versions.

As if the above news was not good enough to capture your attention for Human Revolution, pro review scores are beginning to filter in, and they are largely very positive. First up, the Official Playstation Magazine in a six page review, comparing the game’s plot to a ‘futuristic James Bond,’ and citing issues like long load times (very likely an issue specific to the platform), has given the PS3 version of Human Revolution an 8/10 score. OXM, the officiall Xbox 360 magazine, gave Deus Ex: Human Revolution a perfect score of 10/10. As you'd expect, the look, control and characters in the game all come in for flawless praise. They love the game. Finally in a review of the PC version of Deus Ex, PC Gamer in an whopping eight page blow out, scored the game a 94/100, and awarded it with an Editors’ Choice award. PC Gamer praised the game for respecting the player’s intelligence, and went on to state that Human Revolution was , “A game that puts almost everything else in the genre to shame.” Very high praise, indeed.

Now if all that were not enough Deus Ex love for you, we’ve got one more itty-bitty treat, in the form of the latest live action trailer for the game. Everyone should remember the extremely well made, and memorable Sarif Industries live action trailer which was produced a few months back. Well, Eidos has recently released Purity First, a new trailer profiling one of the many antagonists in Human Revolution, the anti-augmentation, radical organization, Purity First. With this said, the trailer also highlights the dark side to the humanities cyber augmented near-future, and is quite riveting to watch.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is slated for an August 23 release.

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.


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