Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World is Coming to OnLive – Interview with Cateia Games

Indie game developers are one of the main beneficiaries of OnLive’s game platform. It allows them to effectively put their games on the market, without the worry of piracy. In a recent interview with Krešimir Špes, from indie game developer Cateia Games, we found out that the company that has brought Hotel: Collector’s Edition and King’s Legacy to OnLive has more in store for the cloud gaming service.

We asked Krešimir Špes if Cateia is looking to bring more games to the service in the near future. He responded, “Yes, we are interested in bringing as [many] games to OnLive as possible. Our next game to be released on OnLive is Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World

Cateia has developed a rather large list of games, including Twin Moons, Where Angels Cry, Fate Of The Pharaoh, Frogs vs. Storks, Medieval Battlefields, Iron Roses, Minis, and many more. It is quite possible we could see some of these titles make their way to OnLive as well. Cateia apparently really enjoys working with OnLive, and sees a future in the company.

“I personally think [OnLive] is the best thing for the future of gaming. It’s gaming on demand, virtually no waiting, no piracy, no hardware problems. And as internet availability grows, OnLive might become a dominant method for video game distribution,” said Špes.

Špes went on to explain that it takes approximately two weeks of full time work to study the SDK, code it, test it and port it to OnLive. However, he did note that once the first game is ported to OnLive, the following become easier to accomplish.

We asked him what his most and least favorite things were about working with OnLive. He replied, “We’ve always had good relations with OnLive; every email answered fast, every inquiry patiently answered, etc. On the negative side, my least favorite thing working with OnLive would be the SDK integration. I feel it could’ve been done with less required integration work for the developer. But don’t take me the wrong way, they’ve made a lot of effort to ease this process.”

So what exactly is Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World, and what can OnLive users expect?

“It’s a hardcore, old-school point n’ click adventure game. I think it's a good game for OnLive users,” explained Špes. “We plan to integrate gamepad controls along with the usual keyboard/mouse controls to reach the widest possible audience. I’m not just talking about using the gamepad as a virtual mouse, we’ll try to make it less frustrating to play a mouse game on the gamepad.”

While the game isn’t quite as in depth or graphic intense as some others you will see for OnLive, it certainly seems like a fun and interactive game to play. While Špes did not say if the game would be coming to the PlayPack or sold as an individual title, we assume it will be in the PlayPack.

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.


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