Wednesday, 31 August 2011

GameSpot Teams with OnLive to Bring On-Demand Game Demos to Their Reviews

GameSpot has announced that they are changing the way that gamers can find, play and evaluate games by directly including the ability to play instant demos, powered by OnLive, from GameSpot game information pages.

While browsing through the various game pages, for example Homefront, readers will notice a familiar logo.

Clicking “Play it now!” will open an OnLive page embedded into GameSpot where readers can quickly get into a game. These special links allow opening the game demo directly without the need of browsing through OnLive’s marketplace.

Some of the games included are:

  • Homefront 

  • Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction 

  • FEAR 3

  • Duke Nukem Forever 

  • Borderlands 

  • Just Cause 2 

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum 

  • Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

  • Plenty more games will be added. OnLive allows gamers to try games for free. Gamers then have the option to purchase the game from OnLive, rent it, or do whatever they like. They can demo the game for OnLive and then purchase it for another platform if they prefer.

    This is certainly a huge announcement for OnLive, a company looking to establish themselves in the video game industry. GameSpot is one of the most popular video game review websites on the internet. This partnership will certainly provide OnLive with much needed support, and publicity.

    “For as long as video games have existed, consumers have sought out information that helps them make smart purchases and get the most out of their gaming experience,” said Simon Whitcombe, Vice President, Games, CBS Interactive which is the owner of GameSpot. “Now, the next big innovation is here: merging the editorial with the experiential. By making demos available from our game pages, GameSpot is now the ultimate one-stop destination for gamers to read reviews, news, watch videos, and actually try out the latest games.”

    “By integrating OnLive-powered instant game demos, GameSpot has deepened its user experience and further distinguished itself as a premiere gaming destination,” said OnLive Vice President of Games John Spinale. “We streamline the process of sampling a game, making it an integral part of discovery and evaluation by the GameSpot reader—not a disjointed one that forces the customer to go down to the store or wait several hours for something to download to their hard drive.”

    In addition, GameSpot video content such as game reviews and in-depth interviews will be included in the OnLive platform, providing OnLive users with a trusted point of view as they go through their own discovery process. The enhancements are part of OnLive’s continuing efforts to provide players with the fastest, most convenient and most advanced gaming platform in the world, seamlessly integrated into their overall gaming experience.

    OnLive Founder and CEO Steve Perlman said that the move is "in some ways the first large-scale announcement of OnLive's B2B [business-to-business] offering. The pieces have always been there, but it's such a new animal."

    Asked if OnLive has been in contact with retailers and other gaming sites about providing its tech for streaming games, Perlman said, "You'll be seeing announcements from retailers and other sites." OnLive has dabbled in embedded streaming games before, but on a smaller trial basis.

    OnLive's signing with the world’s second-biggest games website will be seen as a coup, and a direct repositioning of its business to directly compete with Gaikai.

    OnLive’s business has hitherto been to compete with the home platforms, both game consoles and high-end PCs. Conversely, Gaikai has focused its business elsewhere, seeking to embed game demos within a range of websites.

    Gaikai CEO David Perry previously stated that he intends to have his business offer a full game service, thus repositioning it to compete with OnLive. But OnLive, the company founded by Steve Perlman, appears to have drawn first blood.

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