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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Interview with Eidos Montreal – Game Releases Tomorrow for OnLive

In anticipation for what could be the Game of the Year, OnLiveFans had the opportunity to interview the makers of, Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It has been over ten years since the first Deus Ex was released, and it delighted gamers across the globe. On August 23 (tomorrow morning), OnLive will instantly allow anxiously awaiting gamers the chance to try out the latest franchised release. Answering their questions were Frank Lapikas, Sr. Game Designer and Julien Bouvrais, Director of Technology at Eidos Montreal.

Totally love the ask JJB feature on the Deus Ex website, but for the unaware, how would you describe what type of game Deus Ex is?
FL: Very simply, I’d describe Deus Ex: Human Revolution as an action-RPG focused on player-driven choices. In other words, we present you with objectives to accomplish, put obstacles in your path, give you a slew of possible tools to get through them and let you figure out the rest. Oh, and it’s set in the near-future.
For those that plunge head-first into Deus Ex: Human Revolution, what story elements should they be aware of from the other games?
FL: None. The game being a prequel (and coming out 11 years after the original), we deliberately built it so you don’t need any prior knowledge to get into it. However, having played the first game will add to your experience as there are lots of cool tie-ins and Easter eggs. While Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a brand new story with new characters, it does relate to the other games, in that it shares hybrid gameplay (combo of stealth, combat, hacking and social), elements of choice and consequence, a conspiracy-ridden story, and augmentations.
What kind of story are we in for, in this newest game? How much does the story change based off our choices?
FL: In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the year is 2027. This is a pinnacle time, as augmentations are becoming the norm in society, but they remain controversial because of easy accessibility; yet not everyone can afford them. You take on the role of Adam Jensen, an ex-SWAT, who is now a head of security for one of the world’s leading augmentation manufacturers, Sarif Industries. Sarif is attacked, and Adam is badly injured and ends up getting augmented against his free will. Now, he has to figure out who was behind the attack and why.
As far as how the story changes, for one, you do get to choose how the game ends. Beyond that, you see how choices you make impact the game in the short and long term, but the main narrative arc remains the same.
Generally speaking, about how long should the first play through take? Does the game generally take longer for one particular method of play over another?
FL: The critical path will take you about 25 hours. Trying to do everything, see everything and read everything could easily take you 35 hours or more…easily.
Are there any hints about what to look out for in the game? Any advice on play styles or approaches?
FL: Take your time. Our two founding principles were: multi-path and multi-solution. So look around, try stuff… think. Although not explicitly a puzzle game, Deus Ex: Human Revolution was designed to emulate one. When we give you an objective and put difficult obstacles in your way with various ways to get around them, for us it’s a puzzle to be solved. Also, make use of the right augmentations. Survey each situation and what augmentations would be best to get through them. Maybe it’s by using the Social Enhancer augmentation to get more information out of a guard, or the Icarus Landing System to jump without injury from a high location.
Bonus Question: If you were to pick one Sarif Industries augmentation, what would it be and why?
FL: Social aug– to know somebody’s true personality and flaws and to be able to convince anyone. What more do you need? Once you’ve got that, I’m sure there’s a way to get all the other augs for free… somehow… right? J

At what stage during the development process did OnLive become a partner? How easy or difficult is it to implement code to make the game run on OnLive?
JB: When we heard about OnLive for the first time in GDC 2009, we were intrigued by the technology, just like many developers at that time… The idea of playing on a computer, several hundreds of kilometers away from the controller you’re holding, is just mind-blowing if you manage to keep a tight game experience. We started discussing with OnLive a few months afterward and invited them to the studio, where they gave us a very good demo of the technology, which was very impressive. We started working on the platform further in the development cycle, and it was rather smooth. Nixxes already had some experience with integrating the service, and the OnLive team provided great support.
Are there certain features of the game that will benefit from running on OnLive? If so, which ones and how?
JB: My preferred feature is that you can literally take the game anywhere. You can start the game on your TV set at home and continue on your friend’s PC. Your saved game follows you automatically and there is no install time.
Thanks for listing OnLive as a platform on your trailers and website; that is a AAA Game first. What excites you most about seeing your game on OnLive?
FL: I’m excited that the game will be available to play via a cloud type system like Onlive. It’s so cool that you will have the ability to play it on multiple devices without actually having to download a disc.
What are your feelings of the OnLive service as a whole? Do you ever play on OnLive?
FL: I saw Deus Ex: Human Revolution being played at the Onlive booth at E3, and it looked awesome! We even had an Onlive version set up at the Square Enix booth, and it was funny because I saw one guy playing and he didn’t realize at first that it was streaming and Onlive. He thought it was a console version. He was so impressed!
Thanks to Eidos Montreal for providing us such a great interview. For those excited to play the game, you can play instantly, without downloading when it releases.

For those that would like to pre-order, there are some pretty sweet deals still available for you. There are 2 Pre-order options still available for Deus Ex: Human Revolution on the OnLive service. As long as your purchase is complete by tomorrow morning (August 23) at 12:00 AM PDT, you are eligible:
  • Pre-Order Offer #1: If you pre-order Deux Ex: Human Revolution (Standard Edition), you will save $5.00 off the normal price of $49.99. In addition, you will receive a free copy of Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition. This is a $60 value for only $44.99.
  • Pre-Order Offer #2: If you pre-order Deus Ex: Human Revolution Augmented Edition (Digital), you will save $6.00 off the normal price of $59.99. You will also receive a free OnLive Game System (OnLive MicroConsole, Wireless Controller and TV hookups). This is a $170 value for only $53.99
The difference between the standard edition, and the augmented edition is that the augmented edition includes:
  • 44-minute making-of video
  • Motion comic book and art book
  • Game soundtrack
  • E3 Trailer and animated storyboard
SOURCE: OnLiveFans.

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