Saturday, 16 July 2011

OnLiveFans interviews OnLive CEO Steve Perlman

OnLiveFans recently conducted an interesting interview with OnLive CEO Steve Perlman. He spoke about many things in detail.

He spoke about the possibility that OnLive will get as many as 1000 games till the end of 2012.

He confirmed that players with 2 Mbps connections can now connect to OnLive.

He said OnLive's future will be utterly mind-blowing and that they want to integrate their DIDO wireless tech with OnLive. He also spoke about how Mova fits in this.

He speaks about free games, social games, mods and 4K video resolution.

He elaborates about the free OnLive web browser.

He discusses upcoming OnLive features.

He speaks about OnLive's relations to the publishers, this includes EA.

He goes into the problem of bandwidth caps and why gamers shouldn't worry.

He says that OnLive May Come Pre-installed on PCs & Boot Up Without an Operating System Needed.

He finally Clarifies Rumors of Partnership with the Sony PS3 & Microsoft Xbox 360.

Here's the complete one hour interview that OnLiveFans conducted with OnLive CEO Steve Perlman.

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.


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