Thursday, 21 July 2011

OnLive is Working on an Official Linux Client

When OnLive launched a little over a year ago millions of PC’s that were previously unable to play modern PC games were given a second chance at gaming with the release of the OnLive desktop client for both Windows, and OSX users. Linux users however were left wondering when and if OnLive was ever going to release a client for their OS of choice. The answer is yes Linux fans, as OnLive has heard your cries and are currently working on an Official OnLive Linux client.

A few months ago OnLive had posted a job listing that dealt with feature design and development for multiple platforms, including Linux user interface designs, but until now we haven’t heard anything more about Linux on OnLive. Fast forward a few months and we now have another job listing for a Software engineer that clearly shows that an Official Linux Client is on the table.
Issued on the 18th of July the job posting states OnLive is looking for an engineer to help build an automated testing infrastructure for their client area. This software engineer would also be responsible for porting the OnLive client to Linux along with embedded (TV / set-top boxes) and mobile platforms.
Until now there has been no real proof that OnLive was working on a Linux client save some scant rumors, but with the recent posting the only thing that stands between Linux users and playing today’s hottest games is a little more time.

There’s no details known at this time when an OnLive Linux client may be officially released.

SOURCE: OnLive Informer.


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