Thursday, 21 July 2011

OnLive CEO Clarifies Rumors of Partnership with the Sony PS3 & Microsoft Xbox 360

Over the past couple weeks, there has been a lot of rumors spreading concerning a possibility that OnLive would team with Sony, and Microsoft to bring their cloud gaming system to the PS3 and Xbox 360. The rumors began, when OnLive VP of Engineering, Joe Bentley said it could work on the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360.

Much of the press took his comments out of context to infer that OnLive was going to be coming to these systems in the future. Many fans began wondering if it was something we could see in the short term picture for OnLive, so we decided to ask OnLive’s Founder and CEO Steve Perlman if they are working on bringing OnLive to existing consoles. He responded:
“What I can share is this: You’re going to see some announcements later this year which I think is going to surprise everyone about how the game ecosystem is going to be changing. The people at all these companies; they’re smart people that recognize what’s happening and what’s evolving in terms of technology. They understand where we are. “
It is quite evident that the future of video games is one which looks a lot like what OnLive is doing. It makes sense from both economic and gamers points of view. Current consoles are not going to die out anytime soon, however, and OnLive seems to realize this. However, OnLive does offer some technology that these consoles do not currently have available.

“We have a very reliable technology that works everywhere that supports multiplayer,” explained Perlman. “A lot of things that are hard to do, work because of the OnLive architecture. Because we have three data centers in the United States, we can have multiplayer that are landbased-like experiences.”

These are a few of the aspects that help console makers take notice of OnLive, but the main reason they would probably be interested in any kind of partnership would be the ability to stream games virtually lag-free. OnLive, while they may appear to be targeting Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, along with other console makers, as competition, this is not the case, according to Perlman.

“They (console makers) all recognize how this can work in a way that is very complementary to things they are doing. We’ve never taken the position that we are trying to ‘kill the console’ because I know that’s what you see sometimes in the press, but that’s just not our agenda. OnLive has the ability to go and work with the consoles. If someone wants to go and demo something and then buy the disk. We can even do it so that we do a referral. It can be used on a console. It is possible; I’m not going to say it is being done, but it is possible to make OnLive run on any game console, and then you can have all of the OnLive services, or maybe just demos. If anyone wants to do that, they could.”

When talking about any kind of OnLive integration with current consoles like the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360, one automatically assumes that it is a one way road; OnLive would simply provide the consoles with something they don’t have. However, Perlman provided a statement that shows that this isn’t necessarily true.

“It is possible also for some of the things that the consoles have, to be integrated into OnLive,” said Perlman.

Perlman could not comment on whether deals exist with any current console, as it would be against the company’s NDAs. However he did say, “Whether or not these things are going to come into being, or when they come into being, is all a matter of timing, business negotiations, and whether they (console makers) want to go and disrupt sales for a particular thing they are launching. There are so many different factors that figure into it. For me to go put a date on it, I don’t know of when these things will come into being. I think it should be pretty clear to anybody who has an understanding of the game industry; that what OnLive has done is the way that games are going to run. It’s not a question of whether, it’s just a question of when. It’s a question of who adopts it and gets ahead of the curve, and who is left behind.”

It is all still up in the air as to if and when any deal will be reached with console makers. Perlman pretty much re-iterated what Joe Bentley said. They both agree that OnLive is open to working with console makers rather than against them. What does this mean for OnLive’s future? We have heard rumor about OnLive appearing on the PS Vita, but could not confirm them with OnLive.

SOURCE: OnLiveFans.


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