Tuesday, 26 July 2011

OnLive adds two games to the PlayPack

And the games that OnLive added to the PlayPack catalogue are Advent Rising and Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian The Video Game. This brings the PlayPack to 72 titles and counting.

Working with award-winning science fiction author Orson Scott Card, GlyphX Games has created a gripping storyline that will thrust gamers into an incredible intergalactic saga.

In Advent Rising, a common legend pervades the galaxy - that of a powerful, ancient race that will one day unite the universe. Millions of cultures from vastly distant worlds revere and hallow these mythological beings known as humans. One race, the Seekers, know humans actually exist and are threatened by their potential power. Under the guise of benevolent explorers, the Seekers travel throughout the galaxy in a desperate attempt to eradicate any human society they unearth. Players assume the role of Gideon Wyeth, a remnant of the last human outpost, on the brink of discovering the incredible powers that lay dormant within him. It is these powers the Seekers are so desperate to suppress.

Advent Rising is single player only and supports only mouse and keyboard.

You can play the free demo of Advent Rising powered by OnLive.

In Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian The Video Game museum guard-turned entrepreneur Larry Daley discovers that his favorite exhibits, and some of his best friends, from New York's Natural History Museum are being shipped off to the archives at the Smithsonian. Larry gets a distress call from the miniature cowboy, Jedediah, reporting that Egyptian ruler Kahmunrah and a trio of heinous henchmen--namely Ivan the Terrible, Napoleon and Al Capone--are plotting to take over the museum, then the world. Speeding to the nation's capitol, Larry is clearly in over his head. But with some impressive new pals, including the irrepressible Amelia Earhart, along with familiar friends Teddy Roosevelt and Octavius, Larry will stop at nothing to restore the Smithsonian before dawn.

I can only say that a game that has Ben Stiller has to be at least a little fun, though i wouldn't mind if his father Jerry Stiller was also in, the man is simply hilarious.

This action-adventure game is single player only and supports only mouse and keyboard.

You can play the free demo of Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian The Video Game powered by OnLive.


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