Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Homefront on OnLive Restored, Voice Chat Added

For the last couple of weeks, Homefront on OnLive has been a rather wacky place. Between cheats enabling god mode and flying, excessive creation of aimlessly running bots to rather strange issues concerning “monkey pawesque” glitches. Homefront has once again been patched and all of these quirks are gone leaving us with a functioning voice chat as a bonus.

Although it’s bittersweet to see it all go (fly matches in private servers anyone?) it’s for the better as we are left with a functioning Homefront that doesn’t frustrate with unfair matches or unplayable glitches. Homefront seems to be back to its former glory and more.

These, however, are not the only improvements that come with the latest OnLive Homefront update. OnLive & THQ also appear to have fixed the problem with controls not saving. Now control settings should be saved from the last time players played the game.

As you can see from the image, we can see that OnLive is creating channels for the different games as opposed to using in-game voice chat options. Below you will notice that Homefront has two channels that are available, “Squad Chat” which is exactly what it sounds like and “Open Mic Intermission”. “Squad Chat” is limited to squad mates only as opposed to your entire team, although this has the advantage of one team becoming multiple, cooperative teams. “Open Mic Intermission” only shows up in between matches, allowing you to freely chat with anyone currently on the same server.

Unfortunately Homefront is plagued by the bane of multiplayer voice chat; squealing/whiny teenagers and crappy music no one wants to listen to (no really we don’t want to hear it, I don’t care how cool you think it is). Although unfortunate, it’s the nature of the multiplayer beast and something we’ll have to cope with.

The convenient thing about all of this, is that it works exactly the same way that voice chat beta has been working for spectators. Each channel can be navigated through like menus or folders, allowing for mute control or just a good way to view who’s in channel at the time. When in game simply hold down the “I” key to talk (voice chat is automatic for Microconsole users using a Bluetooth headset). The ramifications of this setup should be very clear. Using channels much like “Team Speak” employs, perhaps functions such as the ability to join channels as indicated by the frequency. This could mean cross-game chat, making OnLive a much more connected community than it already is.

Although it’s all very exciting it would be nice to get these features implemented a little bit quicker. Homefront released on March 15th and now, 4 whole months later we are just now getting voice chat in multiplayer. It would seem as though they were working on one game at a time. There is hope of course, F3AR had been out barely a month before getting voice chat and Homefront has seemed to be a formidable foe for the engineering team at the cloud to begin with.

In any event Homefront is “normal” again and now squads can function more effectively as a team with “Squad Chat”. Hop on in and enjoy some frags with either your PlayPass, PlayPack or free trial!

SOURCES: OnLive Informer, OnLiveFans.

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