Thursday, 28 July 2011

F.3.A.R. Multiplayer To Make Its Way To OnLive’s PlayPack

OnLive has had some amazing FPS’s (first person shooters) grace the cloud over the past few months, but some people who can’t afford fifty bucks a pop may feel left out. OnLive seems to understand this as F.3.A.R. multiplayer makes its way to the PlayPack bundle, marking the second time OnLive has released multiplayer only FPS’s to the bundle.

On Tuesday, August 2nd, F.3.A.R. multiplayer will become the 73rd title to make its way to the PlayPack, giving that much more incentive to pick up what is quite possibly the greatest deal in gaming.

Boasting four multiplayer modes, F.3.A.R. will keep you coming back for more, sporting what has been acclaimed as the greatest cover system seen in FPS’s to date and with emphasis on cooperative play, you’ll never face F.3.A.R. alone.

It’s interesting to see how OnLive has used both PlayPasses and the PlayPack to compliment each other. While many may want the full game, some people honestly buy games such as F.3.A.R. and Homefront for the multiplayer action and OnLive making the multiplayer only available with the PlayPack gives gamers a choice on just how much of a games content they want. Who wants to pay full price for a game you’re only playing for the multiplayer anyway? Hopefully this is a continued trend with OnLive, giving players far more options than other gaming mediums could hope to offer.

So snag up that PlayPack, 73 games is more than worth $9.99 a month and now with the hottest titles’ multiplayer available that deal can only get sweeter.

SOURCE: OnLive Informer.


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