Monday, 27 June 2011

Steve Perlman unveils amazing new wireless tech

This is a video of OnLive's CEO Steve Perlman who speaks as an alumnus at the Columbia Engineering School. He speaks about how Mova CONTOUR came to be, onlive and future cloud computing plans, and last but not least the first official unveiling of an amazing new wireless tech which is being developed at the Rearden Companies incubator. Steve says that this new wireless tech has sub-millisecond latency one to two miles away, a two millisecond latency up to 30 miles and possibly a reach of 250 miles, needs no cell towers, it isn't based on current wireless tech, has cheap antennas and radios. His explanation of how this works is multiple radios can use the same frequency and every user has a tiny electro-magnetic bubble around his phone which these radios can directly address on the same frequency. Clasic wireless antennas would only pick useless noise, when trying to catch those signals.

This is big. There are really clever and out of box thinking people working at Rearden.

Rearden is basically trying to enable the onlive service to be used on wireless networks, it sure looks like Rearden develops complementary tech like Mova Contour, onlive and now this wireless tech.

OnLive Founder and CEO Steve Perlman officially names his amazing new wireless tech
DIDO => Distributed-Input-Distributed-Output technology. More info about DIDO is here and here.

Here's a detailed explanation of how DIDO works.

You can find more info about the patent behind this amazing new wireless tech here and Rearden already has plans to spin-out a company based on this amazing new wireless tech.

Steve is a really interesting speaker and the part about the new wireless tech comes up at the end of the video. The video is long, but it gets more interesting by the minute, you really shouldn't miss this video.


  1. Is this similar to xG Technologies?

  2. I've looked at xG Technology's page and read a white paper about it. I think xG works on better managing the radio spectrum and picking the best channels, here a quote from their white paper:

    "The term “cognitive radio”
    refers to the ability of a radio system to pick a specific channel or channels for
    communication from a larger universe of channels, either autonomously or, more
    beneficially, under external control, in an attempt to find the best channel at any given
    moment in time."

    About this new tech from Rearden. As i understand it, they use a new found wireless energy transmision, Steve calls it radiation, and they can pick out radio signals from different sources at the same frequency.

  3. Man it would be fun working on these things. So much to do, so little time.

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