Monday, 27 June 2011

Other great OnLive sites

The first is obviously OnLive itself. There you can signup for free, get other official info about the service and also get support for your onlive related problems.

Another great site is the OnLiveFans forum. This is the biggest onlive forum on the net, there are usually many friendly people hanging around. There you can find help for your onlive related problems and discuss onlive and non onlive related stuff. OnLiveFans also has a news section and they dig out pretty interesting news about OnLive.

LagThis has a section of the site devoted to OnLive and they are pretty thorough covering the news about OnLive.

OnLive Informer usually has up-to-date news about everything onlive and other themes related to onlive.

Cloudiem is a great news site for onlive themes. They have lots of videos and cover various onlive presentations at diverse shows. They also cover other cloud gaming services and cloud tech generally. Mark Gutierrez from Cloudiem is an enthusiastic guy and it shows in his work.

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