Monday, 27 June 2011

OnLive invites Sony and MS to adopt tech on PS3, 360

Yes, you read that right. OnLive is talking with the console guys to bring their service to them. Here's a quote:

When we asked OnLive VP of Engineering Joe Bentley if the company could see its service working with Microsoft and Sony's systems in future - rather than just bypassing them - he said:

"Absolutely, they would make great consoles. Our controller is a hybrid between a PS3 controller and an Xbox controller. It's all compatible, it would just work. There are OnLive guys chatting [Sony and MS], but we'll see where it goes. But it would absolutely work, we're ready to work with everybody.

He added: "What people are realising and waking up to is everything could be a console, why shouldn't you be able to take your game everywhere. I think the timing of this is perfect. When I joined the company I didn't think it was going to pan out this way.
You can read more at CVG.

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