Saturday, 25 June 2011

More OnLive Media from the E3 2011

Let's get right to it, first a video of the onlive E3 2011 anthem.

Games coming soon for onlive.

Games currently available for onlive.

OnLive's CEO Steve Perlman speaks about the future of gaming. He shows onlive on tablets and presents the universal wireless controller for just about anything that will run onlive. Steve likes Virtua Tennis 2009. He also presents From Dust, the exclusive touch version of Eric Chahi's game that he's doing for Ubisoft. Steve also presents the onlive web browser which is running on a 10 Gbps connection to the onlive data centers. He also shows a trailer of the Batman Arkham City game, the trailer was made with onlive's Mova Contour tech and shows the future capability of onlive's servers.

Another video of Steve Perlman talking.

Again, you can find more videos at the onlive's official youtube channel.


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