Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Gaikai is growing balls

Godzilla, oops i mean Gaikai, ok let's say Gaizilla is growing balls. Imagine Godzilla with big hairy balls, Gaizilla.

With the help of Judas' empire and the dark side of the force:

gaizilla is gaining power.

As we already know our Gaizilla likes to mate, amongst others they are in bed with Akamai and Limelight, and view themselves as a content distribution network. When or if Gaikai manages to reach a deal with Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo or all of them to be part of their future consoles, either at launch or later, this is big. Gaikai's strategy is to be the force behind those services, on the other side OnLive is perceived as a competitor to the consoles, this image that onlive has is partly on behalf of Gaizilla PR.

This way Gaizilla has an advantage for striking a deal with the console guys and the console guys are starting to take the cloud serious. For example, when gaikai works on maybe even the Xbox 360, Microsoft doesn't have to say that their cloud enabled games run through gaikai, they say we built those cloud enabled games and this is our cool new service.

It isn't surprising OnLive is talking to the console guys, they see what gaikai is attempting, if they don't react they might get overrun by sheer numbers.

Gaizilla doesn't target people directly, they go after the big corporations, the money. Their targets are the big console guys, Facebook, Google, the big movie companys and other entertainment companys, Walmart and other big retailers that carry entertainment.

The big entertainment entities could see in Gaikai a way of getting into the games market and that in a big way. They have the money and can pay gaikai the server infrastructure.

Gaizilla hasn't forgotten it's mudslinging ways either and still likes to throw dirt.

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  1. DOn't hold your breath with Gaikai. IT's been a year and they have so little to show for it other then a handfull of demos, and very restricted use for demoing 2 MMo's for an hour.

    Keep in mind the CEO of Onlive is a former MS ceo. ALready getting pardons for the onlive desktop, that MS hasn't fully halted (notice that?).

    Onlive has merged with GoogleTV devices, TV's blu-ray players and even LG tv's which Gaikai made a deal with, so Onlive is taking the market, even part of Gaikai's LG deal.

    If Any streaming game service hit the Xbox 360 or it's future console (doubtful) it woudl end up being Onlive on Xbox Live.